Recruiting Top Talent Amid Shifting Demographics in the Workforce

Research shows workforce demographics are changing. The pools of possible employees and what they are seeking in the workplace will greatly influence businesses moving forward. As...

Choosing the Right Home Sale Benefit for your Relocation Program: BVO vs. Direct Reimbursement

The Guaranteed Buyout (GBO) home sale program is typically the highest-level home sale benefit a company will offer its relocating employees, as it guarantees a home sale for employees...

The Pros and Cons of Going Out to Bid for a Relocation Supplier

So, you have made the decision to outsource your employee relocations to a Relocation Management Company, or RMC. If only that was where the work ended!

How to Ensure a Successful Implementation with Your Relocation Supplier

Choosing to outsource your employee relocation program is a considerable but necessary task to remain competitive in your search for top talent. For employers that have already selected...

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Relocation Program

In the days of low volume, Human Resource professionals comfortably managed the relocation of a few key employees without the aid of a specialist. These moves might have been a generous...

8 Things to Look for in a Relocation Supplier

There are many reasons you could be looking for a relocation supplier right now. Maybe your company has outgrown managing its relocations in-house. Maybe your procurement department is...

2017 WiERC & CRC Joint Meeting on Relocation

by Sean Erner As a member of the Wisconsin Employee Relocation Council (WiERC), I had the pleasure of sponsoring and attending the Joint Meeting between the WiERC and the Corporate...

What to Know About Relocating Goods Internationally

When moving internationally, one of the biggest decisions your employees will have to make is whether to ship their personal belongings to their new location or buy new after the move.

The Importance of International Tax Assistance

Global compensation management and tax compliance can both significantly impact an employee when relocating across country borders. Regardless of whether the relocation is permanent...

This Service Can Make or Break a Relocation

Dual-Career Assistance: The one service that can make or break a relocation When planning your global relocation program, you need to consider the relocating spouse/partner’s...

The Importance of Immigration Assistance

Immigrating to a new country requires several steps, so it can often be difficult for an employ­ee to decide where to start after receiving their new international assignment. Every...

WHR Group's Self-Move Technology

Pewaukee, Wis. WHR Group Inc. (WHR) recently launched SimpleMove, a proprietary self-service relocation technology. The lump sum-based technology connects relocating employees with move...
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